Make Every Day Delicious

Hi there! My name is Shelby and I am the owner and designer of So Simply Delicious, where I sell handmade jewelry, luscious bath and body products, unique gifts and craft supplies.

This shop is dedicated to my obsession with everything unique and fun! I love experimenting with different jewelry techniques, whipping up a new spa recipe or dreaming up new decorations for the home. I have a huge variety of goodies and it just keeps growing, my poor little studio is bursting at the seams!

I often have creative bursts where I just design. When this happens, watch out - there will be a sudden influx of completely cool and random items appearing in my shop! Anything from handmade clothing, unique household items, vintage books, desserts, spa products, etc. It's like opening a treasure chest!

I happily create custom listings, so just let me know if you need something special.

Also, my other shop:

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